Transitioning to a Raw Diet


Transitioning your pet from traditional commercial pet food to fresh, raw meat and Lenny’s Kitchen Muesli is a great way to provide them with a health-boosting, diet that can help reduce a plethora of long-term problems such as obesity, arthritis, allergies, rotten teeth and gums, diabetes and kidney failure. If your pet is used to highly processed food, you may experience a transition period as they adapt to their new, nutritious, diet.

This transition does not need to be traumatic and by my tips you can have your pet embracing their daily feeds of perfectly blended meat, bones, whole grains, fruit, and vegetables, plus vitamins and minerals, in no time.


Tip 1

Expect resistance: Pets are like children – leave them to decide what they would want to eat, and they will opt for the animal equivalent of burgers, pizza, and chocolate every time! If they have developed a taste for the artificial flavours in commercial pet food, you will need to wean them off their ‘junk’ food addiction and onto a balanced fresh meat diet.

Tip 2

If your pet has never had fresh meat in their diet, start by getting them used to the taste and texture by mixing a combination of Lenny’s Kitchen Muesli and fresh, raw meat with the diet they’re used to, so there are some familiar tastes in the bowl. Gradually increase the amount of Lenny’s Kitchen Muesli and fresh meat and decrease the amount of the old pet food until you have completely converted them.

Tip 3

Serve your pet their Lenny’s Kitchen Muesli and fresh meat at room temperature, or even a little warmer. Food served straight from the fridge can be a turn off.

Tip 4

Don’t feed too much or too frequently. If your pet is a bit “picky” about its food, it is probably because it is being offered too much, too often, and with too much variety, so they don’t develop a healthy appetite for the next meal.
And don’t give into canine blackmail! Rest assured – your dog will not allow themselves to starve! If they are hungry enough, they will eat.

Once your dog or puppy develops a taste for its new, balanced, raw meat diet, the rest is easy. If you persevere, any pet can be re-educated to enjoy a natural diet, and the associated boost in health, energy, stamina, and longevity that comes with it.